Track Skype chat and monitor all Skype activities

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You get:

Track every text message received/sent by the user
Monitor placed/ received Skype calls and file transfer history
Copy and save all Skype activities
Works with all accounts previously signed in to Skype

We ensure:

Completely inconspicuous and undetectable
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Skype Spy USB Edition for Windows:

Skype posts probable dangers to children since it opens big chances for unlawful individuals to communicate with them. As parents you need to ensure your children’s safe Skype chatting for their better future via effective monitoring with Skype Spy.

Business professionals need to ensure business data along with necessity to enhance the productivity of the employees. As employer you can monitor your employees and protect business data with Skype Spy USB Edition.

As the proverb said “Trust but verify!” If you want to know the truth and make sure yourself Skype Spy USB Edition will help you to verify the realness.