SoftComfort, Inc.

SoftComfort, Inc. is the innovative software company bringing to you quality software that adds cool features onto Skype™.

We’ve put our knowledge and expertise in these so easy to use applications for you to:

  • Record Skype calls and any other sounds on your PC AUTOMATICALLY or manually
  • Delete Skype conversation with INDIVIDUAL contact. Filter chat messages by time.
  • Transfer your chat history between computers or Windows installations
  • Backup conversation history for future reference
  • Permanently delete your Skype account with all your personal information and instant messages everywhere with just A COUPLE of EASY mouse clicks!

Our Applications

Seriously, what’s so special about our applications? It’s all about making your e-life as comfortable and secure as possible. Our applications are so simple to use and are completely safe for your PC or private data. There aren’t any complicated downloads and installation. And one last thing, you do NOT need any special IT skills.

If you look for real software that helps you skype smarter – our programs just do that and a lot more.

Delete Skype History Network Edition
(Version 1.0.9 from )

Worry about mistaken or sensitive messages? Edit or remove them on all devices at once, incl. your partners, Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, where Skype™ can work

Delete Skype History Standard Edition
(Version 2.1.8 from )

What do you leave in Skype after chatting? Protect your privacy in Skype on your computer and selectively delete a part of Skype history for any contacts and time period

Skype Spy
(Version 1.0.2 from )

Skype Spy application gives you possibility to track any Skype chat activity of any Windows account.

Delete Skype Account
(Version 2.0.3 from )

Are you fed up with Skype? Want to rid of your Skype account. Use the program to delete all personal information everywhere forever

Transfer Skype History
(Version 1.0.2 from )

Transfer Skype history from one PC or Windows user account to another one. Backup and restore your important info on Skype

Free programs

Want to know how the ideal mp3 Skype call recorder should look like? Download our mp3 call recorder FREE OF CHARGE. Without any trial limitations. Without any ads.

SoftComfort Calls Recorder
(Version 1.0.3 from )

Record Skype calls in one click or automatically. Take your favorite mp3 Skype recorder for free. Recorded evidence is your advantage!

Did you know...?

Skype leaves your chats in places that are easy for people to stumble across. Plus all the messages you have sent or received on one computer in the last 30 days are copied to the other, enabling you to synchronize your chat history. This is useful for your own use, but if you are using a computer of your friend, your work device, or share it with the family, that’s potentially bad for privacy.